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Improve your lifestyle and discover your health risks

Get personalized recommendations for your health with a unique combination of DNA analysis and lifestyle data.

Your personal guide to a longer and better life

Disease Risks

Confirm or dispute your family's medical history.

Customized Lifestyle

Reveal your sport potential, and optimal diet.

Genetic Ancestry

Uncover your genetic origin, and learn about your heritage.

Medication Tolerance

Learn about medications that are right for you.

Choose your DNA Test

The sample collection is painless, is taken from saliva, and can be done by yourself in the comfort of your own home.  

Macromo DNA Health

A detailed DNA test aimed at analysing a wide range of health risks. Knowing your genetic predispositions, you can effectively focus on prevention while getting specific recommendations from us to optimize your health.

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Macromo DNA Premium

A comprehensive DNA test based on the analysis of the most important parts of your genome. Based on your genetic background, you will receive specific recommendations for optimizing your health and lifestyle.

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Macromo DNA Platinum (WGS)

The most advanced DNA analysis on the market that digitizes 100% of your genetic information. Based on your genetic information, you will receive specific recommendations to optimize your health and lifestyle.

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Macromo DNA Family

The Macromo DNA Family test analyzes all functional regions of your genome and effectively identifies genetic risks for your parents. This allows you to find out if you or your partner is a carrier of any of the more than 100 diseases that can affect your children.

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Macromo DNA Lifestyle

A detailed DNA test aimed at analyzing your athletic, dietary and sleep predispositions. Based on your genetic predispositions, you will get specific recommendations to optimize your lifestyle, whether you want to adapt your training plan or live healthier.

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Preventive Healthcare inside Mobile Application

DNA test is the first step in personalize healthcare. Work with your results long term, find personalized lifestyle recommendations in the Macromo application. The guidence is based on unique data processing, the latest scientific findings, and consultation with experts.

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100+ Happy Customers



“My DNA test revealed a higher risk of getting skin cancer. Thanks to Macromo I now make sure to always wear sunscreen to significantly minimize this risk.“

“Thanks to DNA analysis, it was confirmed that I have an increased risk of diabetes. I then used the Macromo mobile app to find out what I could do to minimize my risk.“


QA Engineer

“The DNA test helped me focus on what is good for me and my health and what to avoid. I perceive my body as one big whole and thanks to Macromo I can now take care of it comprehensively.“


PR Specialist

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