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Understand your Genes with DNA Test

A DNA test analyzes your genetic code for predispositions to disease risks, the composition of your diet, athletic performance, medication metabolism, and much more. Knowing your genetics can improve your health in all of these aspects.

How does it work?


Order a kit and collect a saliva sample at home.


Send your sample to our laboratory.


Get recommendations and start improving.

Next Generation Personalized Prevention

Macromo DNA tests determine your health risks that you can influence by early action and lifestyle change. By knowing your risks, you can take control of your health.

All of your data is safe.

We never link your personal data to your biological samples.

We never sell your user data.

We never ask you for any excess personal information.

We transfer data securely from the lab to secure data storage.

Personalized recommendations for healthier life.

All Macromo insights use genetic along side with your lifestyle assessment. The Macromo Engine creates personalized recommendations just for you.

Common Diseases

8 Reports

We summarize your risk factors for the most common diseases, namely: coronary heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, kidney stones, type 2 diabetes, and non-alcoholic steatosis of the liver.

Diseases Risks

35 Reports

Many disease risks are actionable if you’re aware of your predispositions and take measures to reduce them by improving your lifestyle habits. Watch out for your unhealthy habits and try to replace them with good habits instead.

Cancer Risks

13 Reports

Find out your genetic predisposition for different types of cancer. You will know whether to get more frequent preventive check-ups and how you can adjust your lifestyle for better health.

Nutrition and Diet

21 Reports

You will learn how efficiently your body absorbs different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. You will be able to optimize your diet and improve your current eating habits.

Sleep and Wellness

4 Reports

Find out how your genetic predispositions affect your stress resistance and sleep. Use healthy sleep hygiene to change your habits for the better.

Physical Predispositions

4 Reports

Learn about your hereditary physical traits such as the heritability of your body height.

Fitness and Sport

10 Reports

Find out how your body responds to different types of exercise. You will be able to better adjust your training and choose the workout activity that is best suited to your body.


Discover where your ancestors came from. Find out which population groups across the world you share your genes with and how closely related you are to them.

Family planning

18 Reports

Find out if you are a carrier of a common recessive disease. These are diseases that are unlikely to affect you but may affect your children.

Choose your DNA Test

The sample collection is painless, is taken from saliva, and can be done by yourself in the comfort of your own home.  

Macromo DNA Health

A detailed DNA test aimed at analysing a wide range of health risks. Knowing your genetic predispositions, you can effectively focus on prevention while getting specific recommendations from us to optimize your health.

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Macromo DNA Premium

A comprehensive DNA test based on the analysis of the most important parts of your genome. Based on your genetic background, you will receive specific recommendations for optimizing your health and lifestyle.

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Macromo DNA Platinum (WGS)

The most advanced DNA analysis on the market that digitizes 100% of your genetic information. Based on your genetic information, you will receive specific recommendations to optimize your health and lifestyle.

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Macromo DNA Family

The Macromo DNA Family test analyzes all functional regions of your genome and effectively identifies genetic risks for your parents. This allows you to find out if you or your partner is a carrier of any of the more than 100 diseases that can affect your children.

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Macromo DNA Lifestyle

A detailed DNA test aimed at analyzing your athletic, dietary and sleep predispositions. Based on your genetic predispositions, you will get specific recommendations to optimize your lifestyle, whether you want to adapt your training plan or live healthier.

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