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The Future of Personalized Healthcare

Macromo was created to enable people to live longer and better lives through personalized recommendations suited to their bodies and needs. We want everyone to have a complete overview of their health and be able to use the available data and technology in their prevention.

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We're unlocking the potential of science and technology in healthcare.

Our solution is based on a complex analysis of data from wearables, genetics, and laboratory tests. Millions of people collect information about their health and track their lifestyle choices through various electronic devices, apps, or regular blood tests. But the results are rarely considered as a whole, and this incomplete view leads to ineffective prevention and late interventions. At Macromo, we want to change this approach - from a reactive system based on treating disease to a proactive system based on targeted prevention and self-care.

Our story

The original idea for Macromo was formed by Petr Štěpánek, who had his entire genome sequenced in 2021. As a bioinformatician, he realized while analyzing genetic data how much of its potential is still beyond our reach, especially if it is not linked to other factors that affect our lives. Every disease or health condition has a cause. If we cannot find the cause, it only means that we do not yet know it. To address this issue, Petr has assembled a team to solve the problems of current ineffective preventive healthcare and bring its future directly into people's pockets.

“Our health and diagnostics shouldn’t be a mystery. We have the tools necessary to make the change; let’s do it”

Petr is the co-author of the Macromo Engine, on which our recommendations and data processing are based. He combines his knowledge of bioinformatics and genomics with his years of experience in startups to make Macromo a global leader in personalized healthcare.

Petr Štěpánek

Co-CEO, Research & Strategy

"If we want to live in a positive future, we must build it."

Eva is responsible for the design, development, and digital product. She worked for many Silicon Valley’s big tech companies as a lead product designer, and uses her knowledge to provide the best user experience for people who turn to Macromo to improve their lifestyle and prevent disease.

Eva Kuttichová

Co-CEO, Digital Product

“We want to give people a helping hand in improving their health, with the highest attention to privacy and data security.”

Adam is responsible for marketing, company operations, and all legal aspects closely related to the product. He gained his knowledge as a director while building his own marketing agency, which he sold in 2021. Today, he is able to focus on building Macromo as the future of personalized healthcare.

Adam Sládek


Healthcare is entering a new era of artificial intelligence, big data, and personalization.”

Michal builds strong relationships with partners from laboratories, universities, and large companies. He draws on his past experience as the former Managing Director for the Central and Eastern Europe region of Bio-Rad Laboratories and the current CEO of Genespector.

Michal Pohludka, Ph.D.

Strategic Partnerships

We partnered with the best to bring high-quality results with integrity.

Unlike most wellness testing companies, at Macromo we deeply care about data security and quality. We use the latest technologies to process all biological samples. Therefore we partnered with some of the best laboratories in the world.

Our partner laboratories commit to high levels of security. All samples are processed within the EU, so they are bound by the strict terms of the GDPR. They are certified and follow ISO 17025 quality compliance processes.

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