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Unlock the Full Potential of your Health Data

With our mobile app, you can be part of the preventive medicine revolution and start taking reliable care of your health. Get clear and reliable recommendations based on the latest technology and real data about your lifestyle. Tailored to you and always at your fingertips.

Build your Health Profile

Answer a couple of simple questions that are designed in collaboration with doctors to analyze your lifestyle and medical history.

Take your prevention to the next level with a DNA test

Find out your genetic predisposition and disease risk with a genetic test. Simply provide a saliva sample and send it to our lab.

Improve with recommenda­tions

Keep your body in excellent shape by following actionable health advice. Prevent diseases and health complications well before they develop.

We are working on...

More Tests & Devices

Coming Soon

Are you interested in analyzing your blood, microbiome, or glucose? We’re on a mission to make health data simple and actionable, and we are expanding our library of supported inputs.

Apple Health Integration

Coming Soon

Sync your Macromo account with Apple Health to unlock completely new insights into your lifestyle. With Apple Watch or other compatible devices, you’ll be able to track your exercise, sleep, and other factors in relation to your genetic results.